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Centrally located in Western Europe, between the world ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, with relatively short distances to economic centres.


Rithmeester Park offers possibilities for customising everyone’s days.


The accessibility, quality and multi-functionality of Rithmeester Park are a guarantee for development, innovation and growth.


Rithmeester Park means working together, being inspired, making dreams come true, having fun and feeling at home. 

Business park Rithmeesterpark

Breda’s Rithmeester Business Park is an ideal location ‘4 Better Business’. It is a new and inspiring working area in Breda at a top location on the A16.

Working in a green, inspiring area with existing offices, companies and amenities like conference facilities and hotels. Become a partner in an expandable working landscape in which business activity is developed.

Together with other entrepreneurs, if this is what you want.

Please contact Gerard for further information!

Excellent accessibility

Breda holds a central location in Western Europe between the world ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, with relatively short distances to economic centres.

With the A16 / A27 /A58 and a high-speed HSL rail link, Breda has a perfect connection to Western Europe. Breda International Airport offers Breda its own (business) airfield.

In short, Breda is at a multimodal junction.


Customised options

Rithmeester Park shows the realisation of a flexible plan offering a large extent of freedom of development to companies.

The park is easily accessible and highly representative. We offer you a flexible and customised division of the plots.

There are two main zones: one with visibility plots and one with regular plots. It is especially the visibility zone for which there are a number of spatial ambitions that are defined in a plot passport. The joint achievement of these ambitions may contribute to the park atmosphere, so to the plot’s sustainable value.

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Rithmeesterpark is immediately on the A16, between the sea ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the airports of Amsterdam and Brussels.

Breda not only holds a central position in Western Europe, but it is also between economic centres such as the Randstad, the Vlaamse Ruit and the Ruhr area. 

At a local level Breda is a city in Noord Brabant among a number of other well-known and popular centres such as Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Moerdijk and Tilburg. With two eminent universities there is an indisputable presence of knowledge. Indeed, the region makes ample use of them. Because of its proximity to the Belgian border, the city has a fast link with southern Europe.
As gateway to Europe both the Netherlands and Belgium are at a central Western European location at a relatively short distance from economic centres like London (approx.. 430 km), Paris (approx.. 400 km) and Frankfurt (approx.. 400 km). Breda’s fine infrastructure offers a link with Belgium and Germany via A16/A27/A58.

Because of the fast rail link of the HSL network (High Speed Link) between Breda – Rotterdam – Amsterdam (since 2011) and Breda – Antwerp – Brussels (since December 2016), Breda has a perfect connection with Western Europe. These rail links create a direct connection between Breda and the international airports of Amsterdam Schiphol (54 mins travelling time) and Brussels Zaventem. See the table of travelling times at “Accessibility” at the bottom of this page.

The latest news

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Betere stadsontsluiting zuidwestelijk stadsdeel

Ten behoeve van een betere verkeersafwikkeling van het zuidwestelijk stadsdeel van Breda is de stadsontsluiting verbeterd.
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Wederom een feestje op het Rithmeesterpark

Kapimex / Gusta vierde de start van haar nieuwbouw met het slaan van de symbolische ’eerste paal’. Raoul Alblas (die samen met Antoine van Groesen de ondernemer achter Kapimex is) ...

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Flyer Rithmeesterpark

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