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Companies at and around Rithmeester Park

When you are considering setting up business at Rithmeester Park, you might just as well know who your neighbours are at the business park and where you may find any nearby amenities.

On this page you will find the companies that are already there, the companies whose premises are currently under construction, the companies that are going to set up business / build and the relevant neighbours and amenities in the vicinity of the park.

Follow the current developments of the following companies:
> Krinkels> Internova Professional Lighting BV> Van den Buijs Install
Furthermore, you will find a short summary of each company and its business and a more extensive summary at the next click. You will also see at a glance on what social media the companies are to be followed.

The development of the business park is in full swing. Rithmeester Park accommodates leading, innovative and progressive companies at Rithmeester Park. Meanwhile, the constructions of the DHL Express Service Center, QNP ICT & Telecom, Zuyderleven Groep, Kapimex, Stefan Martens Interieurbouw and Melo Logistics has been completed and the company is fully operational.

The building activities of vdBuijsInstall, Internova Professional Lighting and Krinkels are in progress.


ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise of the optical and optoelectronic industry. The ZEISS Group develops and distributes semiconductor manufacturing equipment, measuring technology, microscopes, medical technology, eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses, binoculars and planetarium technology. Meer informatie >>

Internova Professional Lightning BV

Internova Professional Lightning BV is a wholesaler in the field of lighting. The company has been active since 1996 and is specialized in LED retail lighting.

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Van den Buijs Installaties

VdBuijsInstall was founded in 1990 and started from Wernhout. Since its establishment, the company has been active in the design process of climate- technical and energy issues for residential and utility buildings.

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EG Group

EG Group is one of Europe’s leading gas station and convenience retailers. The company is a suppliers of fuel, convenience and food-to-go-products. In 2016, Euro Garages and EFR joined forces to become the European market leader as EG Group. Meer informatie >>

Janssen - Cilag Breda

Janssen employs more than 36,000 people who do their utmost to prevent, intercept, cure and stop some of the most serious and complex diseases of our time. In its research Janssen focuses on five specific therapeutic domains: oncology, neuro sciences, inflammatory diseases & vaccines, immunology and cardio vascular & metabolic diseases. Meer informatie >>

Krinkels BV

Krinkels has been a total contractor in the field of greenery, infrastructure, water and sport for more that sixty years. The strength and specialty is the sustainable quality management and professional design of public space.

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BSI Verwarmt

BSI Verwarmt guarantees comfortable warmth in the house, 365 days a year. BSI Verwarm is a reliable organization with more that 60 years of experience. At BSI Verwarmt, the wishes and needs of the customers are always the starting point. Meer informatie >>

DHL Express Service Center

Worldwide, DHL operates in more than 220 countries and areas, which makes it the world’s most international company. With a staff of more than 325,000 employees, it offers solutions to a virtually unlimited number of logistic needs.

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Kapimex BV has been a leading international wholesaler of household and decorative articles for more than 25 years.

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QNP ICT & Telecom

QNP ICT & Telecom is your partner for automation, telecom, multifunctionals and ICT Service.

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Zuyderleven Groep

Zuyderleven arranges everything in connection with mortgages, insurances, real estate, pension communication and corporate finance.

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Melo Logistics

Melo Logistics specializes in driving routes and lines with various modern vehicles. The company takes care of the entire transport process, in this way your package will be delivered safe, reliable, quick and in a representative manner. 

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Bond Park Breda

Bond Park Breda is a unique concept for customised work and accommodation in an inspiring environment. Meer informatie >>


IKEA offers help with small things and meets the needs of home life by developing well-designed fine, functional, sustainable and affordable home furnishing products. Meer informatie >>

Mirabelle Restaurant

Mirabelle Restaurant offers delicious dinners and lunches but is also eminently suitable for closed-door meetings, parties and special events. High Teas and High Wines are also on the menu. Meer informatie >>

Novotel Breda

Novotel Breda is a quietly located 4-star hotel in Breda, not far from the Belgian border and close to the A16 motorway and the Mastbos forest. Meer informatie >>

Stefan Martens

Stefan Martens interior customization is a young and dynamic company. With almost 20 years of experience as a furniture maker and an enormous passion for the craft, they are ready to fully customize your new interior! 

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Van der Valk Hotel Princeville

Luxury 4-star hotel / restaurant and business conference centre. With its perfect location and 23 different conference rooms, the hotel is eminently suitable for the business guest.  Meer informatie >>