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BSI Breda

Heating, cooling and sustainability
More than 60 years of BSI Breda. What once started with the rental of kitchen geysers and electric boilers, later supplemented with central heating boilers and other heating appliances, BSI Breda's attention is increasingly shifting to sustainable installations.

From delivery sets for heat networks to heat pumps, solar boilers, solar panels and air conditioning. For example, you can contact BSI Breda for assembly, maintenance of your installation equipment and service in case of malfunctions. 365 days a year.

BSI Breda is a company run by people, for people. Personal contact is important to them. Employees are proactive and solution-oriented, advise, support and help where possible. Due to the local approach, there is always someone in the immediate vicinity. This allows quick intervention if there are problems or questions. Customer focus and helpfulness are central to BSI Breda.

BSI Breda is at its best when customers want a suitable solution. A solution that meets specific wishes and expectations. Their offers are therefore always tailor-made. Employees are constantly looking for new or better ways to arrive at the best solution.

Buying and direct owner or rather renting and opting for convenience and unburdening? BSI Breda offers both options. They are quite unique in this regard.

BSI Breda opts for the long term. This prevents surprises afterwards or in the meantime. A cheap purchase in the beginning does not necessarily mean that this is the cheapest solution during the entire lifespan. BSI Breda is committed and happy to help customers make the right decision.

BSI Breda applies “the right first time principle”. They only work with top brands to guarantee optimal reliability and operational safety.

An ultra-modern experience center has been set up at Rithmeesterpark 27. Customers can view sustainable, working installations here. For example, there are various heat pumps, solar panels, solar boilers and air conditioners.

You are welcome on working days from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Would you like more information about the location options?

No problem! We are pleased to help you further step by step. Feel free to contact us

Direct contact

Phone / Whatsapp +31 6 11 71 63 81

Flyer about Rithmeesterpark in Breda

Would you like to know more about Rithmeesterpark in Breda? Please take a look at the flyer and visit the pages below! 

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