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Koffiemax is going to establish itself at the Rithmeesterpark in Breda. Koffiemax knows everything about coffee, but is much more than that.  They offer a combination of perfect products, unique service and customized advice. That sets them apart from the competitors.

Koffiemax knows exactly what is going on in the market and follows new developments closely. In addition, they really listen to customers and can use them to provide tailor-made advice.Koffiemax is more than coffee, from chilled water to Cup a Soup, from cocoa to, for example, Coca-Cola, Lipton Ice Tea, Fanta or Spa.

Koffiemax always goes for a wonderful coffee experience in the workplace.

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Phone / Whatsapp +31 6 11 71 63 81

Flyer about Rithmeesterpark in Breda

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