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Why set up business at Breda’s Rithmeester Park?

An attractive area contributes to a pleasant working and entrepreneurial climate. Furthermore, it should be made easy for entrepreneurs to set up business at Rithmeester Park.

There is an ideal accessibility of the business park as it finds itself situated on the edge of the City of Breda. The park being located immediately on the A16, it is easily accessible for visitors and employees from any point of the compass.

Besides, the area provides countless amenities for entrepreneurs, employees, customers, clients or visitors. Think of glass fibre, pubs, hotels and restaurants, various conference facilities, knowledge institutes, a home furnishing mall with IKEA and a child day-care centre around the corner.

Come fly with us and view Breda with its amenities on this video.

Nearby amenities

Amenities are an essential asset for a really lively and multi-use work location.

Apart from already having companies at or near Rithmeester Park, the location also benefits from the presence and proximity of the following amenities:

  • Top Quality Public Transport (HOV)
  • Various residential and work areas (Princenhage)
  • Pubs, hotels and restaurants and other catering facilities
  • Child day-care centres
  • Retail (home furnishing mall)
  • Education/Dinalog knowledge institute, DIWCM
  • An international school
  • The Rith (The Rith Experience, regional produce)

Ecologically responsible

Rithmeester Park contains an archeological site with evidence of settlement as many as 5,000 years ago. The archeologists found the remains because of the development of an ecological zone at the business park. An important brook called The Bijloop bisects this nature zone of 60 by 120 metres. It connects the Vloeiweide near Rijsbergen with nature zones such as the Trippelenberg and the Mastbos forest.

The ecological zone is an important resting place and habitat for animals. The banks of De Bijloop are perfectly suitable for kingfishers that want to build nests here.

Add to this the park-like green zone with a possibility for a tearoom offering regional produce from “The Rith Experience” and there is your proof of the sustainable and ecologically responsible character of Rithmeester Park.

Amenities in pictures

The quality and atmosphere of a business park are part of a company’s success. At Rithmeester Park every aspect is taken into account, which ensures a healthy and attractive business climate.

Entrepreneurs are given plenty of opportunities to work in a sustainable, safe and inspiring environment. We can therefore safely say that there is a high level of amenities in and around the business park.
Because one picture is worth more than a thousand words we have made visual impressions of various amenities that are relevant to setting up business at Rithmeester Park. There are visual impressions of accommodation and recreation, shopping, business facilities and professional universities and academies.

Just sit back, watch the videos below and see for yourself why Rithmeester Park is an interesting business location for you.

Accommodation and recreation

This video shows you the nice places to find accommodation and recreation in the vicinity of Rithmeester Park. The film highlights various residential areas including the green Talmazone.

For Sport & Wellness we will take a look at Sprint athletics club and Enjoy & Sports Wellness Club. Further highlights are the Haagse Markt and the Mastbos forest. Small Steps child day-care centre is on the Princenhagelaan.


There are several shopping amenities around Rithmeester Park. This short video will give you a clear view of where you can do some fine shopping in the area. 

This video highlights the following facilities: XXL Home Furnishing mall, IKEA, Haagse Markt in Princenhage, Breda city centre and the new NS railway station.

Business facilities

As a company you would naturally like to know about the business facilities near the new possible location at Rithmeester Park. That is the reason why we have also made a nice informative video highlighting the following nearby facilities:

Hotel Princeville Breda van der Valk (hotel / restaurant / business conference centre), Hotel Novotel, Restaurant Mirabelle (culinary hotspot and inspiring business location), Bond Park (renting a flexspot or office) and Small Steps (child day-care centre).

Professional universities and academies

If you are considering setting up business at Rithmeester Park, maybe it is nice to know what educational facilities Breda has to offer.

In this video we will show you what relevant professional universities and academies in Breda are situated near Rithmeester Park. These are Avans Professional University, Breda University of Applied Sciences, St Joost Art Academy, the International School Breda, De Rooien Pannen and the Dutch Military Academy (NLMA, formerly known as KMA).

The Rith Experience

Quite close to Rithmeester Park in Breda you will find the Rith Experience.

This was initiated by some enthusiastic (agricultural) entrepreneurs who would like you to become familiar with their world. The best way to explore the area around the Rith is by bike, the countryside has lots of fine and authentic spots.

Watch the video to see what entrepreneurs are passionate members of the Rith Experience, all of them from the region of Breda, Rijsbergen and Etten-Leur. You can see the Rith Experience website here.

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