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A new and inspiring working area in Breda at a top site on the A16

Naturally, you want to feel good at the site. On this page we will therefore show you why Rithmeester Park takes up a special position at different levels of scale!

Breda not only holds a central position in Western Europe, but it is also between economic centres such as the Randstad, the Vlaamse Ruit and the Ruhr area. Furthermore, the business park is immediately on the A16, between the sea ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the airports of Amsterdam and Brussels.

At a local level Breda is a city in Noord Brabant among a number of other well-known and popular centres such as Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Moerdijk and Tilburg.
With various knowledge institutions in Breda, the presence of knowledge in the region is undeniable. Indeed, the region makes ample use of them.

Breda’s Rithmeester Business Park is an ideal location ‘4 Better Business’. It is a new and inspiring working area in Breda at a top location on the A16. Working in a green, inspiring area with existing offices, companies and amenities like conference facilities and hotels. Become a partner in an expandable working landscape in which business activity is developed. Together with other entrepreneurs, if this is what you want.

Below you can zoom in on the plot you want at the various Western European scaling levels. Any questions? Feel free to make a direct call.

Central location in Western Europe

Rithmeester Business Park is an excellent business site for companies who wish to use a central location in Western Europe and to create a direct link with the European economic centres.

As gateway to Europe both the Netherlands and Belgium are at a central Western European location at a relatively short distance from economic centres like London (430 km), Paris (400 km) and Frankfurt (400 km). Breda’s fine infrastructure offers a link with Belgium and Germany via A16/A27/A58.

Because of the fast rail link of the HSL network (High Speed Link) between Breda – Rotterdam – Amsterdam (since 2011) and Breda – Antwerp – Brussels (since December 2016), Breda has a perfect connection with Western Europe. These rail links create a direct connection between Breda and the international airports of Amsterdam Schiphol (54 mins travelling time) and Brussels Zaventem. See the table of travelling times at “Accessibility” at the bottom of this page.

Perfectly accessible

With Breda International Airport the city has its own (business) airfield at a stone´s throw and also the airports of Eindhoven and Rotterdam enable you to reach the whole of Europe within just a few hours.

Many goods are imported to and exported from Europe via the two large ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam.

Immediately located on the A16 (the traffic artery between Rotterdam and Antwerp), Rithmeester Business Park is connected with the Western European road network, thus providing perfect accessibility.

Rithmeester Business Park in Europe

This short video will give you a good overview of the various levels of scale in which Rithmeester Business Park takes up a special position.

From the scale of Western Europe, the video slowly zooms in on the business park.

Breda….a city of quality

Breda is a medium-size city offering the experience of true Brabant get-together. In 2017 Breda was awarded the prize for Best Inner City 2017-2019. Furthermore, Breda was proclaimed second best city in 2017 for a citytrip by

Breda has a fine (historic) centre with a wide range of shops, nice pubs and restaurants, museums, theatres and courts and streets radiating atmosphere. The city boasts fine and varied districts, a good network of public transport and many diverse amenities.

Breda also has several knowledge institutes such Dit zijn de Avans Hogeschool, Breda University of Applied Sciences, AKV St. Joost, De Rooi Pannen, the International School Breda and Royal Military Academy (NLMA, formerly known as KMA).Add to this Breda’s many diverse events and it goes to show that Breda offers lots of things to do and experience.

Welcome to Breda!

Here you can read online the new brochure developed by the City of Breda. When you open the brochure online, you also have an opportunity to download the brochure at the top of the page.

The English brochure contains practical information about the following and more: the central location among 140 million customers, perfect accessibility, international connections, facts and figures, possibilities for studying, housing, medical facilities, shopping and recreation in the historic centre, culture and events, sports, special places and a survey of Breda.

Enjoy your reading experience!

An impression of Breda

An area-integrated business park

Rithmeester Business Park is fully integrated into the surrounding area. Nearby, you will find hotels and restaurants, the city district of Princenhage with its bustling village centre, child day-care centres, a home furnishing mall, Dinalog knowledge institute, the fine scenery of the Rith with its regional produce and the Mastbos forest.

Furthermore, a broad natural zone and the similarly green Rithsestraat subdivide the business park into three areas, in which the plots are flexible in size and purpose. The narrow northern part of the park may well serve as a location for offices, small companies and amenities (such as a facility point).

The local archeological monument will find a proper place in the general plan. The middle area is the place for regional and local companies. The broader southern part is the perfect location for larger internationally oriented businesses. There are high-profile locations on the Graaf Engelbertlaan and the Princenhagelaan.

This short video will give you a good overall view of the accessibility of Rithmeester Business Park.

Rithmeester Business Park is on the A16, halfway between Amsterdam/Rotterdam and Antwerp/Brussels.

By car:By train:
48 minutes to Rotterdam24 minutes to Rotterdam
84 minutes to Amsterdam68 minutes to Amsterdam
55 minutes to Utrecht
34 minutes to Antwerp
80 minutes to Brussels
100 minutes to Düsseldorf

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