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A flexible plan with customised plots

Rithmeester Park shows the realisation of a flexible plan offering a large extent of freedom of development to companies. The park is easily accessible and highly representative. We offer you a flexible and customised division of the plots.

There are two main zones: one with visibility plots and one with regular plots. It is especially the visibility zone for which there are a number of spatial ambitions that are defined in a plot passport.

The joint achievement of these ambitions may contribute to the park atmosphere, so to the plot’s sustainable value.

The plots at Rithmeester Park have all been sold or reserved.


The development of the business park is in full swing. Leading, innovative and progressive companies settle in the Rithmeesterpark. Meanwhile, the construction of a large number of companies has already been completed and they are fully operational.

A new office building with an innovation campus has also been realized on the Rithmeester Park, De Rithmeester. Human Business Support, Koch Advocaten, Heembouw Breda B.V., Inkubis, BOOM strategie en communicatie and All-In Projectontwikkeling B.V. have moved to the new office with innovation campus in Breda.

A business lot at Rithmeesterpark can be purchased at the municipality of Breda, once the permit procedures have been completed. Prior to the permit procedures, a lot can already be reserved and the building plan can be worked out. 

Zoning plan

The zoning plan became effective and irrevocable on 26 March 2015. Use this link to consult the Rithmeester Park zoning plan (use “Rithmeester Park” as your search term).

Permission will be granted for:
  • Companies within environment categories 2 up to and including 3.2
  • Building heights of 16 to 30 metres (one location even up to 40 metres!)
  • Plot ratio starting from 30%
  • A minimum distance of 3 metres between buildings and plot boundary on either side and at the rear
  • A minimum distance of 5 metres between buildings and public road

The zoning plan has a flexible character, which means that within a certain legal framework market requirements can be met, for example regarding typology and size of companies. For example, building possibilities include a large building area and the exact access and possibilities for use have not yet been determined. There is a flexible phasing of development of the various zones.

Core values of Rithmeester Park

There are four core values to characterise Rithmeester Park i.e.

  • accessible;
  • flexible;
  • enterprising;
  • involved.

The description of these values reflects the special position of the park in the surrounding area but also indicates how any personal requirements for your future company can be facilitated.

For the plan for Rithmeester Park is highly flexible so that we can offer customised solutions.


Rithmeester Park holds a brilliant position in the economic core region of North-Western Europe. International seaports and airports connect it to the rest of the world within the hour. Gateway to Brabant, centre of the Benelux, springboard to the German Hinterland and the rest of Europe.

Rithmeester Park is accessible and open to all. All roads converge here. It is a hustle and bustle. Rithmeester Park connects people. This is the place where doing business, working and meeting has been a matter of course for 5,000 years.


Rithmeester Park is a place of many options.

Possibilities for a daily schedule after everyone’s wishes. Rithmeester Park is also a place to foster diversity and multi-functionality, which creates an exchange of information.

Work, recreation and enjoyment go hand in hand.


Rithmeester Park stands for research, experiment and opportunity.

It challenges people to do business, work, learn, live and achieve. Accessibility, quality and multi-functionality are a guarantee for development, innovation and growth.

Rithmeester Park offers strength, energy, entrepreneurial spirit and lust for life.


Rithmeester Park teems with values and is involved with its environment.

It cherishes its past and aims for the future of its new users. Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee or visitor, Rithmeester Park means working together, becoming inspired, making dreams come true, enjoying yourself and feeling at home.

People come first. Sustainability, love of the environment and an eye for quality are a matter of course. It is a nice place to do business, to work and to stay.

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